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I'm missing teeth.

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I want a healthy, comfortable smile.

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I have headaches, tension, and clench.

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Holistic Dental Care for the Whole Family

Health. It is the foundation of our being. Without it, life can lose its flavor and each day can be a struggle to get through. That’s why we are so pleased to offer our friends and neighbors the kind of holistic dental care we want for ourselves: Dental care that tends to the health of the mouth in relation to the whole person so you and your entire family can flourish and feel vibrant – every day!


Treating Your Mouth With Your Body In Mind

There is a new paradigm emerging in health care, one that focuses on whole body health and wellness instead of on the treatment of disease. As part of this new standard, our holistic and biological general dental care blends the art and science of modern dentistry with the wisdom of the world’s traditions of natural healing.

Most importantly, our approach to dentistry takes into account that there is an entire body connected to your teeth. It considers the consequences and effects of dental treatment on the entire body, not just the tooth being treated.

You can learn more about this by reading our articles on the varied aspects of holistic dentistry.


Getting to Know You

Want to get the most out of your treatment? Help us get to know you! The first time you visit The Center for Holistic Dentistry, we will take time to listen carefully to your concerns, answer any questions, and understand your needs. You will receive a thorough evaluation of your oral health, after which we will discuss how your oral health is affecting your whole body, and vice versa. It’s the first step on your holistic dental health journey!


Be Informed and know what options may be available to you.

At The Center for Holistic Dentistry, we believe that you deserve the opportunity to make informed choices regarding your future dental health. We know that when you feel empowered to take control of your dental health, we will best be able to serve you. That’s why we take time to educate you on your health, show you what is happening in your mouth, explain how it affects your body, and let you choose from the available treatment options. To learn more, call our office today!

Dr. Lerner is the most caring and gentle dentist I’ve known, and I have known many dentists. I had a terrible phobia before I walked into his office 5 years ago. From the very beginning, I felt secure in his hands because of his genuine concern for my well being.... Read More...

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