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Are you concerned about Mercury or other toxic materials in your teeth?

We can safely remove them for you.

We have been practicing mercury-free dentistry since 1983. That is a long time. Over the years we have studied with the world’s leading experts to provide you with the best care possible. Experts such as Hal Huggins DDS and Dietrich Klinghardt, MD.

Most recently our study has been with Thomas Rau, MD of the Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland. He and many other leading integrative physicians recognize mercury from dental fillings as a major contributor to the body burden of heavy metals, a common denominator in the development of chronic degenerative disease.

Mercury Amalgam fillings may fail due to wear, develop decay around them, or need to be removed due to the medical diagnosis of mercury toxicity. You may even choose to have your’s removed because you are concerned about the risks of having them in your teeth, or you don’t like the way they look.

Symptoms common in the mercury toxic patient: 

  • 72% Depression
  • 67% Numbness and Tingling of hands and feet
  • 63% Fatigue
  • 60% Digestive problems
  • 58% Faulty Memory
  • 55% Constipation
  • 39% Metallic Taste
  • 36% Changes in Sleep Habits
  • 32% Tachycardia
Mercury removal protocol

We follow strict protocols established by the IAOMT to keep you safe during removal of mercury fillings.

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Mercury-Safe Dental Protocols

During the removal of mercury fillings, mercury is released as a vapor.  In order to protect you, as well as ourselves, during the process of mercury filling removal we will be using specially developed protocols to minimize your risk of exposure. These protocols were developed by the IAOMT. This is… Read More…

Your First Visit With Us

When you come to see us for an initial consultation and examination about the replacement of your mercury fillings we will want to chat and get to know about you, your health history, and any concerns you have about dental care in general. We are committed to providing you with… Read More…

Screening for Mercury Toxicity / Sensitivity

As a Holistic Dentist and Dental Acupuncturist, I screen my patients for sensitivity to materials in their teeth as well as for potential sensitivity to materials we are considering to use in their treatment. The simplest test is to screen with Applied Kinesiology (muscle response testing) on acupuncture points to determine… Read More…

We Test All Materials for Biocompatibility

Every person is unique – and we don’t mean just your personality. Everyone reacts differently to their environment, foods, and even medical procedures or compounds. Each of our bodies has a different capacity to eliminate toxins from our system. That is why we believe it is important to test the… Read More…

Choosing the Best Restoration for Your Teeth

Much of what we need to do in dentistry is involved with the repair of teeth with materials that are as close in appearance and function to natural tooth structure as possible. As dentistry has evolved, a growing number of options have become available to accomplish just that! Though materials… Read More…

Are all White fillings Created Equal?

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