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Your Important First Visit

In order to build a relationship of mutual respect and understanding, it is important that we get acquainted with each other. We are interested in knowing you as a person and want to understand what is important to you.

Please click the button to enter our secure patient portal to fill out your New Patient forms:

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We may have asked you to fill out an additional questionnaire based on your specific health needs. These questionnaires are also available to be filled out ahead of time through our secure online connection:

Sleep Questionnaire

TMJ/D Questionnaire

This questionnaire is also available for you to fill out before your appointment – please click the link to print and complete this survey:

Nutritional Therapy Symptom Survey


What is a the proper way to evaluate the health of my mouth?

We never take your health status for granted. Why? Since your oral health is so closely linked to your overall health, we want to be sure we are aware of every change that occurs in your mouth. That is why we want to start our relationship with you by providing you with a complete dental health evaluation that we call a Biological Dental Exam.

This includes:

  • A comprehensive review of your health history and concerns
  • Evaluation of each tooth and existing restorations
  • Periodontal Examination to evaluate the health of your gums
  • Evaluation of your bite for signs of stress
  • Screening for risk of a compromised airway
  • Testing of existing dental materials for signs of systemic sensitivity
  • Evaluation of your mouth conditions in relation to whole body health
  • A set of individual x-rays done with digital x-rays to minimize radiation exposure


After completing this thorough examination we will decide whether additional evaluation is appropriate. This may include taking additional x-ray pictures, making plaster models of your teeth for further analysis of your bite, and performing diagnostic tests. All of this is to be considered when formulating a diagnosis


Developing a Plan

Once we know the condition of your mouth and have a clear understanding of your short- and long-term goals, we will work together to develop a restoration and preservation plan.

What makes our practice different is that we can help you achieve a healthier mouth and a healthier body applying our unique approach to anti-aging, holistic dental care. Based on principles of natural healing, our methods will help identify if there are hidden or unidentified sources of dental stress in your mouth that may contribute to the process of aging or the development of disease in your body.