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Patient Testimonials

I enjoyed the visits to Dr. Lerner’s office. Everyone is so friendly and you feel so welcome. It takes all the fear away!

- Julie L.

Dr Lerner, I don’t want to jinks myself by jumping to conclusions too soon, But since yesterday after recovering from the dental procedure, I have been feeling Quite whole---better than I have felt before. I even had a good workout at the gym today After no corticosteroids for 3rd days running! After reading about Dr. Savely Yurkovsky’s Field Control Therapy and Guided Digital Medicine, I am excited and filled with hope that I may be on the right track to getting My medical ailments properly addressed. I feel sure that you have accurately tagged the Source of my medical problems. Thanks you for the care and thoughtfulness you have given To my case.

- Joan

I have been a patient of Dr. Lerner for a few years and have nothing but the highest praise for him. He is a true visionary. An artist and a master of his chosen profession -Holistic Dentistry. He and his staff deeply care for each patient on all levels, not just their teeth. The time and attention given is remarkable in this day and age. I gladly travel an hour each way to get such care.

- T. Halsey

I have been a patient of Dr. Lerner for several years. His knowledge and expertise in the latest procedures of dentistry, his friendly nature, and qualified staff ; create an atmosphere of relaxation and certainty that, as a patient, you are in good hands.

- V. Logan

Dr. Lerner is the most caring and gentle dentist I've known, and I have known many dentists. I had a terrible phobia before I walked into his office 5 years ago. From the very beginning, I felt secure in his hands because of his genuine concern for my well being. He and his wonderful staff have always made me feel special. I gladly travel 45 minutes to see them. They're great.

- J. Conti

Hi Dr. Lerner, My teeth feel great! I can really chew food now and it makes eating much more enjoyable. Also I can chew on the left side for the first time in years! My back DOES feel straighter too (not slouching). THANK YOU!!!

- Maura M.

I have been a patient of Dr. Lerner's since June 2006. My TMJD pain and symptoms began in March 2004 after a partial dental reconstruction. By the time I met Dr. Lerner I had previously been unsuccessfully treated by four other highly regarded dentists/specialists during which time my pain and symptoms only intensified. Based on my previous experience thus far, Dr Lerner has, in comparison to this, demonstrated a very high level and in-depth knowledge and understanding of TMJ dysfunction, neuromuscular and bite related issues and the various theories and forms of therapy and treatment available. This sets him far apart from other doctors who employ a "one size fits all" approach and allows him to customize a treatment plan for each patient no matter how complex or extensive their case may be. Additionally, Dr. Lerner has a great chair side manner - not only does he explain the pros and cons of various treatment options, he is always eager to answer patient's questions, encourages open dialogue with them, willing to listen to their suggestions and above all is very caring, patient, understanding and committed to their recovery and well being. -

- J Maiolini

I first started seeing Dr. Lerner when I was having severe pain related to my bite, and TMJ (pain in the jaw joint). This pain was interfering with my ability to eat, sleep and talk for long periods of time. The first step Dr. Lerner took was to make an appliance for me that took the pressure off my jaw joint. I wore this appliance for several months, as it gently helped to reposition my jaw and reduced pain. Dr. Lerner then crowned three of my molars, providing more stability to my jaw and strengthening my bite. This made it much easier to eat a variety of foods, instead of the limiting supply of soft foods to which I had become accustomed. Finally, Dr. Lerner lengthened my two cuspids by building them up. This allowed my jaw and bite to be guided to the proper position while talking and chewing. I always felt listened to and respected when I came to the office, and I never felt my care was rushed. I especially liked that Dr. Lerner used Cranial-Sacral therapy and Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) to make sure that everything done was compatible with my body's energy system. I would recommend Dr. David Lerner wholeheartedly to anyone seeking dental care, especially anyone that may have had a previous dental trauma, or is afraid of the dentist. He is a perfectionist when it comes to his work and will make sure that you are satisfied with the end result.

- Angela P.

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