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What is Holistic Dentistry?

At The Center for Holistic Dentistry, we offer an innovative approach to the care of the mouth that integrates knowledge of natural healing with that of contemporary dental science and technology. Rather than simply treating the symptoms of dental disease, we focus on finding the cause. Our commitment is to help you understand the cause so you may be empowered to heal yourself and control your destiny.

The term Biological Dentistry is often used interchangeably with Holistic Dentistry. Both of these terms describe an approach to dental health care that “treats your mouth with the health of your body in mind.” Biological Dentistry originated in Europe as a branch of Biological Medicine, based on an integration of principles of natural healing common to traditions from around the world. These principles allow for the reversal and healing of many chronic degenerative health conditions that do not respond to the common practices of Western Medicine.

Common factors in all degenerative disease are nutritional deficiencies and biochemical imbalances, toxicity, inflammation, infection, genetic predispositions and various forms of stress that interfere with the body’s inherent self-regulatory functions.

“It falls upon the dentist and oral surgeon to study the diseased conditions of the mouth. The next great step in medical progress in the line of preventive medicine should be made by the dentists. The question is will they do it?”

Charles H. Mayo, MD
(Founder of the Mayo Clinic)

At the core of our approach to dental care is the recognition of the mouth as a micro-environment of the body with the potential to reflect changes in the health of the whole person. It is fundamentally important to identify dental materials, like mercury, that have been placed in your teeth that can create toxicity and chronic stress on your body.

Mercury-Free Dentistry

Mercury is a known neurotoxin and is very poisonous and even deadly to the human body. Unfortunately, mercury has been a common ingredient in metal amalgam fillings and dental restorations for over 150 years. We have been practicing mercury-free dentistry since 1983. Over the years we have studied with the world’s leading experts to provide you with the best care possible. We follow strict protocols for safe amalgam filling removal to reduce your exposure and keep you safe while we eliminate the toxin.

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Dental conditions that impact your overall health:

  • Allergy or toxicity related to dental materials like mercury
  • Infection and inflammation of the gums
  • Decaying teeth leading to infections
  • Failing root-canal-treated teeth
  • Residual bone cavitations in the jaw
  • Electromagnetic currents created by electro-galvanic dental metals
  • Imbalance of the bite or misalignment of the jaws causing neuromuscular, cranial sacral, and myofascial tension
  • Restrictions of the airway leading to snoring or sleep apnea
  • Discoloration or disfigurement of the teeth affecting your self-image & comfort in smiling

Biocompatible Materials

Every person is unique – and we don’t mean just your personality. Everyone reacts differently to their environment, foods, and even medical procedures or compounds. Each of our bodies has a different capacity to eliminate toxins from our system.

That is why we believe it is important to test the materials to be used in your treatment to make sure they are absolutely biocompatible with you. Before we begin any procedure or place any restorative material in our mouth, we will screen you to be sure it will not cause an allergic reaction or other adverse effect.

Holistic dentists use a variety of methods to perform this testing. Some methods are muscle response testing or Applied Kinesiology, electro-dermal screening, or blood serum reactivity testing. In our office, we favor the use of Applied Kinesiology, also known as muscle response testing.

Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is based on an understanding of the relationships between the structure and biochemistry of our body, and our emotions.  As a field of study, it is a synthesis of the best Eastern and Western concepts of health and healing.  This understanding is applied by means of Manual Muscle Testing that is testing a muscle’s ability to function while attention is drawn to an area of the body.

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