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Keeping You Relaxed & Pain-Free

Do you ever feel nervous about seeing the dentist? We work hard to soothe and ease all of your concerns. In fact, relaxation is an important aspect of our treatment – not only does it reduce anxiety and pain, it also helps your muscles relax for more effective care.

We start by making you feel at home, listening carefully to your needs and creating a beautiful, tranquil atmosphere.  Once you’re relaxed, dental anesthetics work better and the gag reflex is diminished. This is why we offer a range of sedation and comfort options from Novocain, oral sedation, and nitrous oxide therapy, to acupuncture treatments.

Patients who do not tolerate injections or sedatives well may choose acupuncture as an alternative. Many patients find that acupuncture works as well as Novocain or oral sedation to block pain and reduce nervousness.

Because sedation dentistry causes drowsiness, someone should drive you to and from your appointment. Once you arrive, settle in to the chair with a neck pillow and drift away on a cloud of relaxation. A staff member will be with you, monitoring your well-being at all times.


For thousands of years, acupuncture has been used for the relief of pain and anxiety. It works with the body’s own pain control mechanisms, stimulating the release of endorphins which block the pain signals in the brain. It is so effective that we have some patients for whom acupuncture treatment is preferred instead of a local anesthetic. Most are more comfortable with a local anesthetic and acupuncture used an adjunct.  For some, we will use acupuncture in combination with nitrous oxide and/or oral sedation.

Nitrous Oxide

For those who don’t really want sedation dentistry but need a little help to stay relaxed in the chair, we offer nitrous oxide. It takes effect very quickly but as soon as the gas is turned off, you will begin regaining clarity and function immediately. We give you some pure oxygen to breathe and before you know it, you’ll feel alert and able to drive.

Oral Sedation

Sedation dentistry is an excellent choice for dental anxiety, difficulty getting numb or a strong gag reflex. We will prescribe a medication for you to take before your appointment. Just take your pill with a glass of water and before you know it, you will be relaxed and ready for your dentistry experience.

Or try NuCalm, a revolutionary, all-natural deep relaxation system that eliminates the need for sedatives.

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