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Andrew: “I wanted to get rid of a partial denture I had worn for as long as I can remember.”

In Andrew’s case we were able to replace two missing from teeth with a single implant that restored confidence to his smile.

Arlene: “I haven’t felt good about my smile in a long time.”

Arlene had avoided the dentist for a long time. She had a mouth full of mercury fillings, areas of decay, and discolored fillings in her front teeth. She also felt her front teeth were too big. We performed a dental makeover for her. We removed her mercury fillings and restored her smile.

It looks like she was pleased with the result. What do you think?

Alice: “I don’t like my smile.”

Alice didn’t like the way her teeth looked. She had an under bite. This caused her front teeth to appear too small. Her old crowns didn’t look natural.

She liked her new smile so much she changed her hair color too. What a transformation!

Mary: “My front teeth are uneven.”

Mary has a deep bite and had some crowns on her upper teeth that caused her lower teeth to wear down. We replaced the upper crowns and corrected the bite in the process.

Her lower teeth were restored to their natural length and appearance with porcelain veneers.







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